Lets talk about that bloody wonderful body of yours!

Lets talk about that bloody wonderful body of yours!

The mental health foundation have chosen Body Image as the focus this mental health week 13-19th May.

Body image , we all have our own perceptions of it some days it’s amazing and other days you feel like nothing fits , nothing looks good on you and your mind is playing tricks on you .

As women it’s possibly one of the biggest challenges in  life, be Body confident and love the skin you are in.

Personally , I think the MHF have made a great choice by choosing Body image . With the accessibility of social media , filters and photoshop it’s hard to know what reality is, and the extra pressure we feel around the need to be perfect and have the perfect body has never been so prevalent .  

Here at Moo we really value our customers and want them to feel they have had a great shopping experience often coming away with something that’s pushed the customers boundaries .

We also know the challenges and difficulties women face especially the 40 plus age group as our bodies naturally change .

We encourage you to go with how you feel when trying something on, don’t get caught up with a size of an outfit . We see women go into the changing room and come out strutting in an outfit they would never have considered .

One of the areas we see women struggling with is when they have lost weight and they still buy clothes for their previous shape and size . The mind continues to trick you that you haven’t done enough to deserve that different style or a size smaller . When actually you have achieved a great milestone in reaching your goal .

This week we wanted to remind all of us that the female body is pretty fabulous in which ever form it takes.

95% of women are NOT happy with their bodies!!, just goes to show what we must be doing to ourselves on a daily basis. A rather shocking statistic. 

95%!!!! and we see lots of you in our changing rooms, us included, slamming our thighs, arms, legs, tummy's, boobs, bum, feet. You name it we've heard it.

Without that body we wouldn't be here and neither would the human race. 

 THIS WEEK IS BODY POSITIVE WEEK at MOO we are being positive about our bodies and we want to help you be positive about yours. We know there are parts of the body you feel uncomfortable with and we are here to help you dress to flatter and fix. Its all down to optical illusion.


This week sees the launch of our "Personal Shopping Experience", a totally unique experience that can do a number of things for our customers.

If you want to update your appearance, or feel you've lost your confidence, or have a specific event coming up or just fancy some time getting ideas together with our experienced crew this could be for you.

Personal shopping aims to make the whole experience a breeze, we will simplify the science of styling and reduce the time and stress involved in trying to find those perfect items. 

If you fancy a session give us a ring, or pop in, book your personal shop slot and leave the rest to us. 0161 432 8808.

Above all CONFIDENCE is the key to good style and we want you to find your body confidence and Rock it like a pro


We styled each other during our styling training, the results were pretty fantastic.. we discovered that each of us had a different body shape and that each persons style was totally different too. Just goes to show how important it is for us to understand our customers, needs, hang ups and lifestyle before we try to put them in an outfit that they wouldn't ever wear again. Pics below, from our training event and if you want to get booked in for your own personal styling session just give us a ring.  




Love the skin your in 
Moo crew xxxx